About Adams Luxliner

Our History

The business was started in 1976 by James Alfred Adams and his wife Cornelia with their five sons as a family business offering transportation services to their local community in Ravensmead and surrounding areas, after identifying a gap in the market as a public transport service provider.

James managed the business until 1989 when his son Donovan took over and named it Adams Taxis.
Over time the focus of the business shifted from taxis to mainline bus services and was named Adams Luxliner from which it grew till where it stands today.

Now more than 35 years later from when James Alfred Adams took a leap of faith on his dream, the business still stands strong and continues to operate as a family business run by his sons and grandsons.


Comprehensive insurance is held on all our vehicles and is managed by Venshaw Insurance Brokers. We have established a long term relationship with our brokers and have been under their care for approximately 10 years.

Passenger Liability

Passenger safety remains our first priority at Adams Luxliner, apart from regularly servicing of the vehicles to maintain the safe and reliable condition of each, we have insured separately a passenger liability for any loss or claim against the company should any passenger be affected by an accident or suffer loss as a result of using our services. Passenger liability is insured with Venshaw Insurance Brokers and is fully comprehensive.

Regulations and Safety

Adams Luxliner has all the required permits in compliance with the Road Traffic Act. This includes regular passenger transport, charter and cross border permits. All vehicle operators working for Adams Luxliner hold a professional drivers permit (PrDP) issued by the South African Traffic Department Services.
All permits are available for inspection on request. These permits have been renewed with the Traffic Department with no endorsements against any driver or the company itself.

Fleet Maintenance and Safety

The fleet is regularly serviced by certified mechanics.
In addition to the regular scheduled services we also have vehicle mechanics on site at the company premises on a daily basis who are responsible for pre and post trip inspections to ensure that vehicles are kept in good condition.
Fleet Monitoring and Tracking
Our fleet is monitored by a modern sophisticated tracking system supplied and managed by We Track Live 24/7. The system allows management and monitoring of vehicle speed, location, impact alerts and fuel usage. This enables the company to ensure that the vehicles are adhering to speed limits and arrive at the intended destination safely at all times.

Lost and Found Policy

All Baggage and personal belongings brought onto any vehicle of Adams Luxliner are solely the responsibility of the passenger. Loss or damage to baggage will not be held responsible by the driver or Adams Luxliner. If any items of value are left in the vehicle and found by us, we will contact the organiser or trip coordinator to claim the goods and be returned to its owner.

Tax Clearance Certificate Tender

In terms of the provisions for Income tax Act(1962), Value Added Tax Act(1991), Skill Development Act(1999) our company is a certified and registered with South African Revenue services. This certificate is used for applying for government tenders etc.
Adams Luxliner is currently undergoing assessment to be rated as a BEE contributor.